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Cancer Profiling and Pathways Technologies and Market

Cancer Profiling and Pathways: Technologies and Global Markets

  • Published Date : 01 Apr 2019
  • BCC Research
  • Category : Medical Devices
  • Pages : 255

Report Scope:

Cancer biomarkers have gained significant importance in the drug-development process, and the market is an emerging segment. To gain an understanding of the market dynamics, market size and competitive landscape, a detailed analysis of cancer biomarker market and cancer profiling technologies and new developments is needed. Microarray technologies provide analysis of tens of thousands of molecules for a variety of assays, including drug binding, molecular interactions, enzyme activity and pathway identification. These microarrays, which include DNA microarrays, protein microarrays, tissue microarrays, low complexity microarrays and carbohydrate microarrays, are excellent tools for gene expression profiling, biomarker profiling and diagnostics. 

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers use microarrays to streamline drug target identification, selection, validation and predictive testing. Rapid growth in the clinical research and diagnostic devices markets holds great potential for applications of microarray technology, including basic research, clinical trials and diagnostic devices. This report examines various microarray platforms and the technologies that are utilized to detect DNA and proteins for the purpose of drug discovery, disease diagnosis and disease monitoring. This report also examines companies that are actively developing and marketing microarray instrumentation or microarray biochips.

The report categorizes the biomarkers and profiling market and provides market data, market drivers, trends and opportunities, top-selling products, key players and competitive outlook. This report will also provide market tables and also provides company profiles.

This report analyzes the cancer profiling and pathways market: technologies market, tools market, and application market (diagnosis, drug development and discovery). This report also examines recent studies, microRNA detection and profiling, clinically oriented microRNA profiling in several human cancers. The report covers epigenetic, methylation and miRNA products in development, products in clinical trials, currently marketed and clinical-stage development products. Relationship between miRNAs and epigenetics is also examined. This report categorizes the market for epigenetics, forecasting the market value in revenue by analyzing the current and future trends in research, diagnostics and therapeutics industries. This report also looks at SNPs analysis instruments, reagents, software and services, providing information critical to understanding the business behind this new technology.

The following technologies and segments are excluded from this report: detailed instruments, pharmacogenomics, combinatorial chemistry, biochip, bioinformatics and high-throughput screening (HTS). Uses of emerging technologies in drug discovery such as lab-on-a-chip (LOAC), nanotechnology, and RNA interference (RNAi) also are not discussed here.

Report Includes:

- 91 tables
- An overview of the global market for cancer profiling and pathways
- Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2017 and 2018, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2023
- Discussion of products in this market, newly emerging tools, diagnostics and therapeutics, and their impacts on the market
- Examination of evolving methods, such as microarray analysis, multiplex PCR, and quantitative real-time PCR, which are integral to deciphering molecular mechanisms  involved in gene function, biological development, and disease progression, and are important tools in the discovery and development of new drug targets and diagnostic biomarkers
- Identification of important cancer profiling techniques, market shares by types of products on the market, and market shares by company, as well as types of cancers and biomarkers
- Coverage of epigenetic, methylation, and miRNA products in development, products in clinical trials and currently marketed, and clinical-stage development products
- Company profiles of key players in the market	
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Study Goals and Objectives
Reasons for Doing the Study
Scope of Report
Intended Audience
Information Sources
Analyst’s Credentials
BCC Custom Research
Related BCC Research Reports
Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights
Cancer Profiling and Pathways
Chapter 3 Overview
Screening Tests
Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer
Pathway Profiling
Linking Cancer Disease through Pathway Profiling
Molecular Profiling
Historical Facts
Molecular Profiles
Cancer Profiling 
Clinical Utility of Molecular Profiling
Pathological Classification
Molecular Profiling Approaches
Cancer Profiling: Future Goals
Chapter 4 Current Profiling Techniques
Genomic Profiling
Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
Key Companies
Key Players
Microarrays to Clinical Problems
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)
Multi-color FISH
DNA Sequencing
Emerging DNA Sequencing Technologies
High-throughput Sequencing
Other Sequencing Technologies
Cancer Applications
Next-Gen Sequencing
Next-Generation Companies
Other Methods
Patents and Sequencing
Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies
Next-Generation Sequencing: Future
Genomics and Cancer—Some Examples
Mutations Predicting Resistance to Targeted Therapies
Sequencing and the Clinic
Transcriptomic Profiling
Microarray-based Gene Expression Profiling
Tiling Arrays
Cancer Applications
Emerging Microarray Technologies
Chapter 5 Epigenomic Profiling
Overview and Introduction to the Epigenetics Landscape
Cancer Applications
DNA Methylation
Epigenetic Changes and Cancer Stem Cells
Epigenetic Therapy for Cancer
Leading Epigenetic Companies
Epigenetics and MicroRNA Profiling—Finding Pathways to Treatment
MicroRNAs and Therapeutic Applications in Cancer
MicroRNAs as Prognostic and Therapeutic Biomarkers
Anti-Cancer Drugs and microRNA Targets
Case Study: Epigenetic Silencing of the Intronic microRNA Mir-342 in Colorectal Cancer
Diagnostic and Therapeutic microRNA Strategies in Cancer
Therapeutic Potential
Therapeutic Strategies
MicroRNAs in Disease Diagnostics
Circulating microRNAs
MicroRNA Profiling Methods
Clinical microRNA Diagnostics
MicroRNAs in Therapeutics
MicroRNA Patents and Outlook
Methylation Markers
DNA Methylation, an Epigenetic Process
Current Methods and Products
Clinical Implications
Future Directions
Epigenetic Diagnostic Development
Epigenetic Drugs
HDAC Inhibitors
Epigenetic Therapeutic Development
Key Players
Chapter 6 Proteomics
Proteomics and Protein Profiling
Proteomics Protein Profiling Approaches
Applications of Proteomic Techniques in Cancer Research
Technologies and Limitations
Proteomics and Initiatives
Cancer Applications
Proteomics in the Treatment of Cancer
Clinical Applications of Proteomics
Proteomic Approaches in Therapeutic Targets
Key Players
Proteomics-Based Diagnostic Products
Proteomic Research Centers
Clinical Trial Using Proteomics Technologies for Personalized Medicine
Proteomics and Medicine
Proteomics Market
Chapter 7 Glycomics
What is Glycomics?
Analytical High-Throughput Technologies
Emergence of Glycoarrays
Biomedical Applications
Glycomics’s Relationship with Other “Omics” Technologies
Glycomics for Biomarker Discovery
Cancer and Glycomics
Glycomics-Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer
U.S. Patents on Glycomics
Chapter 8 Metabolomics
What is Metabolomics?
Detection Methods
Metabolomics and Drug Discovery
Biomarker Identification
Chapter 9 Bioinformatics, Databases and Pathway Analysis
Chapter 10 Cancer Profiling and Clinical Development
Cancer and Biomarkers
Chapter 11 Market
Global DNA Diagnostics Market
The Cancer Diagnostics Market
Cancer Diagnostic Tests
The Cancer/Tumor Profiling Market
Personalized Medicine
Cancer Biomarker Testing Market
Genomics Market
SNP Genotyping and Analysis Market
Microarray/Biochips Market
Diagnostic Microarrays
DNA Sequencing Market
PCR Market
Epigenetics and Market
miRNA Market
Epigenetics and Cancer Market and Future Growth
Proteomics in the Pharma Industry
Protein Microarrays and Trends
The Metabolomics Market

	List of Figures
Summary Figure : Global Cancer Profiling Technologies Market, by Type, 2017-2023
Figure 1 : Global Genomics Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023
Figure 2 : Global microRNA Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023
Figure 3 : Global Epigenetics Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023
Figure 4 : Global Proteomics Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023
Figure 5 : Global DNA Diagnostics Market, 2017-2023
Figure 6 : Global Biomarkers Market, 2017-2023
Figure 7 : U.S. Biomarker Cancer Testing Market, 2017-2023
Figure 8 : Global Genomics Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023
Figure 9 : Global SNP Genotyping Market, 2017-2023
Figure 10 : Global Biochips Market, 2017-2023
Figure 11 : Global Diagnostic Microarray Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023
Figure 12 : Global DNA Microarray Market, 2017-2023
Figure 13 : Global Next-Generation Sequencing Market, 2017-2023
Figure 14 : Global Polymerase Chain Reaction Market, 2017-2023
Figure 15 : Global Digital (d)PCR and qPCR Market, 2017-2023
Figure 16 : Global Epigenetics Market, 2017-2023
Figure 17 : Global miRNA Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023
Figure 18 : Global Proteomics Market for Cancer Profiling Technologies, 2017-2023

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