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Global Agricultural Disinfectant Market, is segmented on the basis of forms, application, end-user, and region; By Forms (Liquid, Powder, Gel, and Granules); By Application (Land, Water Sanitizing, and Aerial); By end-user (Agricultural Farms and Livestock Farms), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific, and Latin America and Middle East Africa)

Market Scenario:
Agricultural disinfectants are toxic chemicals and chemical substances that are widely used on livestock and crops to protect farms against various microbes such as bacteria, fungi, virus, and others. Some commonly used chemical compounds in agricultural disinfectants in farms are chlorhexidine, formaldehyde and aldehydes, Iodophors, sodium hydroxide, and others. Agricultural disinfectants could be available in different forms such as water sanitizing liquid, aerial, powder, and gels and granular. Liquid form disinfectants are gaining admiration as they are cost-effective, less noticeable or visible on the treated surfaces, and can be easily used and applied. To guard livestock, disinfectants are generally used in drinking water, on their surface, and yards, in order to prevent the outbreak of harmful diseases. Regular cleanliness and removal of manure result in better health of the livestock population, thus preventing harmful diseases.

The growing focus on regular cleanliness and the use of powerful disinfectants for the agricultural farms is boosting the demand for agricultural disinfectants. Additionally, the need to remove harmful organisms and bacteria so as to ensure complete food safety drives the growth of the agricultural disinfectants market. The use of disinfectants on livestock is quite common these days, which would also support the demand for agricultural disinfectants. Moreover, the growing incidences of diseases such as avian influenza (AI), bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), rabies, tuberculosis and others among the livestock population would trigger the demand for the respective market. The growing population and the rising demand for food will boost the market’s growth as disinfectants ensure crop protection. Moreover, the development of greenhouse vegetable production & vertical farming is also expected to drive the market.

According to Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, more than 3 billion people which are almost half of the world’s population are living in rural areas. Roughly 2.5 billion of these rural people earn their livelihoods from agriculture and farming activities. The huge population engaged in agriculture worldwide could boost the market growth.  
On the downside, the lack of knowledge regarding the usage of these chemical substances in an optimal quantity and the belief that agricultural disinfectants will also impact the farm cultivation is likely to hinder the growth of the market. Farmers in underdeveloped economies are generally poor and may not find agricultural disinfectants that are affordable, which could also restrict the future market growth.

Moreover, the rise in programs, schemes, and initiatives by governments to spread awareness among farmers and instruct them regarding the ideal use of agricultural disinfectants could upsurge the overall growth of market globally. The government expenditure and spending on agriculture is expected to be positively and highly correlated with capital formation thus boosting the market growth in the emerging countries.

Market Segmentation: 
The agricultural disinfectant market is bifurcated on the following bases:
• Powder
• Liquid
• Gel
• Granules
End- Users:
• Agricultural Farms
• Livestock Farms
• Aerial
• Water Sanitizing
• Land

Regional Analysis:
Geographically the global agricultural disinfectant market is divided majorly into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Middle East and Africa. North America is attributed to have the significant share in the market with countries like U.S and Canada, owing to presence of global market leaders such as Thymox, Nufarm Limited, Stepan Company and others. Europe market is expected to share the same potential with the countries like Germany, France, U.K, Spain, Italy, and others.

Asia- Pacific is expected to hold a considerable share in the market since, the maximum population resides in rural area and the primary economic activity is agriculture and farming especially in countries like India, China, and Pakistan. LAMEA market is projected to grow in the upcoming years with the countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Chile and others with the increasing awareness and development in agricultural practices.

Key Players:
The global key manufacturers of global agricultural disinfectant market are:
• Thymox (Canada)
• Nufarm Limited (U.S)
• Stepan Company (U.S.)
• The Chemours Company (U.S.)
• FINK TEC GmbH (Germany)
• QuatChem Ltd. (U.K)
• Entaco NV. (Belgium)
• Neogen Corporation (U.S.)
• The Dow Chemical Company (U.S.)
• Biolink and Theseo (U.K)

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