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Super Abrasives Market, by Product Type (Vitrified Cubic Boron Nitride, Vitrified Diamond, Resin Bond Diamond,), by Application (Cutting Tools, Tool Industry, Machinery), by End-Use Industry (Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic)- Global Forecast till 2025

Market Overview:
Abrasive substances are the materials intended for finishing a workpiece using various processes, such as shaping, grinding, cutting, polishing, and finishing. Super abrasives tools are effectively applied in precision grinding and are attached to grinding wheels. 
Some of the features that make super abrasives extraordinary are its exceptional performance, toughness, longevity, and unstoppable drive for faster material removal. Super abrasives are comparatively expensive over conventional abrasives and are highly efficient materials processing superior hardness and abrasion resistance. Being a great substitution for traditional abrasion materials, super abrasions are pursuing higher market standards. A metal bond grinding wheel is made available with diamond wheels & cubic boron nitride and is typically used with coolant to extend the wheel’s lifespan. Metal bond of superabrasives assures that the wheel has a swift stock removal resulting in reduced dressing frequency and advances holding capabilities. 

Growth Leveraging Aspects:
Super abrasives are a great alternative to the old abrasive materials and its reinforced characteristics make it the most preferred material over the old abrasives, thereby accentuating the market growth. Furthermore, older technologies are fading away with the new advent of computerized numerical control automation in every industrial sector, which stimulates the development of a super abrasive market. Additionally, the rapid usage of super abrasive in the automobile industry is propelling the entire market altogether. However, the need for advanced technology and high initial capital investment owing to the high cost of abrasives may hinder the growth of the market. Rising acceptance of super abrasives in medium-scale industries and various private sectors engaging research for cost reduction of the material tend to open potential opportunities for the market players to leverage their business perspectives. 

Regional Scenario:
The global super abrasive market is regionally segmented into four major regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America, the Middle East & Africa. Asia-Pacific is estimated to be the significant region in the global super abrasives market in terms of volume and revenue. The existence of numerous automobile, electronic manufactures, and the heavy consumption side of electrical and electronic devices owing to increase in urbanization and enlargement of end-user segments are the trends triggering the market growth in the region. Besides, the elevating demand for high-quality electronics tools due to digitalization and rapidly developing industrialization further contributes to the growth of the region. The U.S. is at the cutting-edge of the growth and is ascribed to the capacity of carrying operations efficiently and consistency in technology to reach the high accuracy surface finish. European market also has the promising potential to flourish in the super abrasive market owing to improvement in technology and availability of funding for research and development programs with the major contribution from Germany. The countries in Latin America and the Middle East and Africa are witnessing steady growth in the global super abrasives market due to less advanced technology and poor economic background.

Competitive Landscape:
A manufacturer of premium high-performance grinding wheels and equipment, Advanced Superabrasives, Inc., announced that has expanded operation at its Mars Hill, USA facility on October 27, 2017. In all, $26 million has been invested to expand the business in Madison County. 

Global Super Abrasives Market Segmentation:
• By Product Type
o Vitrified Cubic Boron Nitride
o Vitrified Diamond
o Resin Bond Diamond
o Bond CBN
o Metal/Hybrid Bond CBN
o Others

• By Application
o Cutting Tools
o Tool Industry 
o Machinery
o Electronics/Smartphones
o Others
• End-Use Industry
o Automotive
o Aerospace
o Electronics
o Medical
o Oil & Gas
o Others

• By Geography
o North America
? U.S.
? Canada
? Mexico
o Europe
? UK
? Germany
? France
? Italy
? Spain
? Rest of Europe
o Asia-Pacific
? China
? India
? Japan
? South Korea
? Rest of Asia-Pacific
? Brazil
? Saudi Arabia
? South Africa
? Rest of LAMEA 

• Key Market Players
o 3M
o Saint-Gobain
o Super Abrasives
o Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe
o Meister Abrasives
o Toyoda Van Moppes Ltd.
o TYROLIT Suzhou Superabrasive Tools Co., Ltd.
o Henan Forever Superabrasives CO.,LTD
o Advanced Superabrasives, Inc.

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