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Veterinary CT Scanner Market By Product Type (Stationary multi- slice CT scanners; Low-end CT scanners, Mid-end CT scanners, High-end CT scanners and Portable CT scanners) , By Application Type (Neurology, Oncology, Orthopedics & traumatology, Others ), By Animal Type (Small Companion Animals, Large Animals and Others, Equine & Livestock) and By Region ( North America, Europe, APAC, and LAMEA)

Market Scenario:
A  Computed Tomography scanner, commonly known as CT scanner, is recognized as a profitable and efficient machine in veterinary clinics. CT scanners provide three-dimensional, diagnostic images of animal anatomy with a clear structural resolution between tissues, which gives an edge towards a better and convenient treatment for animals. In traditional or outdated radiographs, overlying tissues are superimposed on the image.  The veterinary CT scanner overcomes this problem by scanning very thin slices of the animal body with a narrow x-ray beam that rotates around the body.

According to Providian Medical Equipment (a company specializing in sales of in new and refurbished medical equipment), the top veterinary CT scanners that are widely used in veterinary clinics are Toshiba Aquilion 16 or 64 slices, Toshiba Aquilion ONE, GE Lightspeed 16 or 64 slices, Siemens Emotion 16 slices, and Philips Brilliance 16 or 64 slices. 

Veterinary CT scanner provides a better differentiation of similar tissues in animals as compared to the x-rays. These scanners give comprehensive data and depth insights about masses, size, shape, density, the texture of internal structures, and muscle-to-bone ratios, which has led to improvements in the diagnosis and treatment. These advantages of CT scanners are driving the market growth of the global veterinary CT scanner market. 

However, the budgetary concern and the high cost required for the frequent maintenance of the sophisticated equipment may hamper the growth of the global veterinary CT scanner market. Veterinary CT scanner requires animal patients to be anesthetized for examination in order to treat disease. 

Recently, Epica Medical Innovation launched Pegaso™, a scanner that is proficient enough to scan the head and neck of a standing horse, with a 3D resolution which is around 1481 times higher than any conventional CT, while using less radiation up to 60-90%. CT scanners generally involve high izoned radiations which could affect the DNA. With rising technical advancements, constant efforts are being made to introduce several other CT scanners that involve less radiation.

Market Segmentation: 
The global veterinary CT scanner market is bifurcated on the following bases:

• Product Type
• Application
• Animal Type
Based on product type the market is further fragmented as: 
Product Type:  
• Stationary multi- slice CT scanners
These are further classified as: 
• Low-end CT scanners
• Mid-end CT scanners
• High-end CT scanners
•  Portable CT scanners
On the basis of product application the classification is done as:

• Neurology
• Oncology
• Orthopedics & traumatology
• Others 

Other Applications includes dentistry, cardiology, nephrology, respiratory, and gynecology.
Lastly, based on the animal type the global veterinary CT scanners market is segmented as:
Animal Type:

• Small Companion Animals
• Large Animals and Others
• Equine & Livestock

Regional Analysis:
Geographically, the global veterinary CT scanners market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Middle East and Africa. North America is attributed to have the significant share in the market with countries like U.S and Canada, owing to the presence of well-equipped advanced devices and global market leaders such as Asto CT LLC, GE Healthcare, Universal Imaging, and others. 

As per the report of Eurostat (2017), the major European countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom held the largest population of livestock in the EU-28. The highest numbers of pigs were recorded in Spain and Germany with 29.2 million and 27.4 million counts respectively, sheep in the United Kingdom (23.8 million head) ) and goats in Greece (3.9 million head), while the highest number of bovines (approximately 19 million) was recorded in France. The sound population of animals in Europe region could further boost the market growth. 

APAC market is expected to grow in the near future, owing to the increasing awareness for a better animal treatment and government spending on veterinary healthcare. Rising population of animals in emerging countries such as India, China, Pakistan, Japan and others is attributed to giving an edge to the market growth. LAMEA market is also attributed to grow in the upcoming years along with the emerging countries.

Key Players:
The global key manufacturers of veterinary CT scanner market are:

• Asto CT LLC (U.S)
• Canon Medical Systems (Japan)
• GE Healthcare (U.S)
• Siemens Healthcare GmbH (Germany)
• Universal Imaging  (U.S)
• Epica Medical Innovation (U.S)
• CelticSMR Ltd. (U.K)
• Animage, LLC (U.S)
• Esaote SpA (U.S)

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