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Defense Related Video Analytics IVS and ISR Market

Defense Related Video Analytics, IVS & ISR Market & Technologies - 2015-2020

While global defense budgets are in decline, the defense-related Intelligent Video Surveillance, ISR and Video Analytics markets are booming. The Defense VA, ISR & VA demand is forecasted to experience decades of rapid growth, driven by the growing introduction of 21st century Smart Warfare Techno-Tactics. According to our new report, the global industry revenues are forecasted to double by 2020 from their 2014 level.

The rapid market growth is driven by the following factors:

Defense-related day-night video surveillance boom in fields of force protection, perimeter security, ISR, smart weapons
Rapidly growing military and intelligence applications
Developing smart warfare techno-tactics
CCTV & IR cameras cost-performance enhancement
Unacceptable rate of overlooked threats by military & intelligence personnel – Real time analysis of day-night imagery is a need that can hardly be answered effectively by human operators because of defense personnel costs. Furthermore, fatigue and boredom cause a high rate of overlooked events
Technology maturity: video analytics algorithms, processors, applications and products underwent a decade of technological evolution to intelligent video processing, based on advancements in image processing, enabling automatic and semi-automatic detection and identification of friend & foe signatures
Cost reduction of video analytic systems, driven by the falling prices of image processing DSPs and communication systems. It provides defense with dramatically low priced smart ammunition
Evolution of “Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance” (ISR) Systems to a cornerstone of modern armies’ weaponry
This Defense Video Analytics, IVS & ISR Technologies & Global Market – 2015-2020 report is a resource for executives with interests in the industry. It has been explicitly customized for industry and military decision-makers to identify business opportunities, developing technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans.

Questions answered in this 272-page report include:

What will the defense-related VA, ISR & VA market size be in 2016-2020?
What are the main Video Analytics, IVS & ISR technology trends?
Where and what are the Video Analytics & ISR market opportunities?
What are the Video Analytics & ISR market drivers and inhibitors?
Who are the key Video Analytics & ISR vendors?
What are the challenges to the Video Analytics & ISR market?
The Defense-related Video Analytics, IVS & ISR Technologies & Global Market – 2015-2020 report presents in 272 pages, 16 tables and 42 figures, analysis of current and pipeline technologies and 110 leading vendors. This report, granulated into 3 regional submarkets, presents for each submarket 2013-2014 data and 2015-2020 forecast, and examines the market and technologies from several perspectives, including:

Business Opportunities and Challenges
SWOT Analysis
Market Analysis (e.g., market dynamics, market drivers and inhibitors)
Current and Pipeline Technologies: Cloud Video Analytics, Kalman Filters Application to Track Moving Items, Real Time Automatic Alerts Algorithms Online Video Analytics, Object Sorting and ID, Behavioral Analysis, Video Analytic Applications, Video Analytics Architecture Image Segmentation Algorithms Item Tracking, Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Algorithms, Item Identification and Recognition, IVS Based Face Recognition, Crowd Surveillance, Multi-Camera Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Systems, Remote Threat Identification, Intelligent Video Surveillance System Performance, Distributed Sensors Remote Systems, Remote Biometric Identification, Watch Lists fused IVS, Fused VA and Biometrics , Fused Multi-modal IVS Biometric Remote Intelligent Video Surveillance Tracking, IVS & VA based Behavioral Profiling, Tag and Track, Wireless Video Analytics, Video Content Analysis Algorithms, Automated Analysis of Video Surveillance Data, Item Detection, Gaussian Mixture Based Background Subtraction Algorithms, Background Subtraction, Item Detection Based on Single-Image Algorithms, Item Tracking Algorithms, Kalman Filtering Techniques, Region Segmentation, Partially Observable Markov Decision Process, IVS Systems, “Splitting” Items Algorithms, Dimension Based Items Classifiers, Shape Based Item Classifiers, Event Detection Methods, Vision-Based Human Action Recognition, Derived Egomotion, Path Reconstruction Algorithms, Video Cameras Gap Mitigation Algorithms, Networked Cameras Tag and Track Algorithms, Fusion Engines, Event Description, IVS Reasoning, IVS Reporting, Smart Day-Night Cameras, Pulse Video Analytics
Companies Operating in the Market: 3i-MIND, 3VR, 3xLOGIC, AAI Corporation, AAM Systems, ACTi Corporation, ADT Security Services, Adaptive Imaging Technologies, Agent Video Intelligence, AGT International, Aimetis, ALPHAOPEN, American Dynamics, Ampex Data Systems Corporation, Aralia System, AVCON Information Technology Co. Ltd., Avigilon Corporation, Axis, Axxon, BAE Systems Plc, Basler, BiKal, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, Bosch Security Systems, Briefcam, Camero, Cernium, Churchill Navigation, CIEFFE, Cisco, Citilog, ClickIt, Cognimatics, Digital Results Group, Emza Visual Sense, Eptascape, DVTel, Exacq, GE Security, Genetec, Geovision, HASAM, Honeywell, IMINT Image Intelligence AB, IndigoVision, Intellivid, Intergraph Corporation, IntuVision Inc, ioimage, IPConfigure, IPS Intelligent Video Analytics, Ipsotek, IQinVision, ISS, ITT EchoStorm, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc, Lockheed Martin Corporation, LuxRiot, MACROSCOP, March Networks, Mate Intelligent Video Ltd., Matrix Vision, MDS, Milestone Systems A/S, Mirasys, Mobotix, MTS, National Instruments, NetPosa Technologies, Ltd., NICE Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Nuuo, ObjectVideo, On-Net Surveillance Systems, PCI-SuntekTechnology Co., Ltd., Pelco, Pivot3, Pixim, Proximex, PV Labs, Raytheon Company, Salient Stills, Samsung Techwin, Sarnoff Corporation, SeeTec, Sentient, Siemens, SightLogix, Smartvue, Sony, Synectics, Synesis, Texas Instruments, Thales Group, V.A.S. GmbH, VDG Security BV, Verint, Viasys Intelligent Video Analytics, Vicon, Videalert Ltd, VideoBank, VideoIQ, VideoMining, VideoNext, Vidient, Vigilant Systems, Vi-system, WeCU Technologies Ltd, Westec, Zhejiang Dahua Technology	
1 Summary
1.1 Major Findings
1.2 Major Conclusions
2 Global Geopolitical Outlook
3 Market Drivers
4 Market Inhibitors
5 SWOT Analysis
5.1 Strengths
5.2 Weaknesses
5.3 Opportunities
5.4 Threats
6 Intelligent Video Surveillance: Competitive Analysis
7 Business Challenges and Opportunities
7.1 Business Challenges
7.2 Business Opportunities
8 Present and Pipeline Intelligent Video Surveillance Technologies
8.1 Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Technologies Challenges
8.1.1 Technologies Challenges
8.2 Remote Biometric Detection Challenges
8.2.1 Remote Threat Identification
8.2.2 Intelligent Video Surveillance System Performance
8.2.3 Distributed Sensors Remote Systems Challenges
8.3 IVS Remote Detection
8.4 Intelligent Video Surveillance: Tracking
8.4.1 Overview
8.4.2 IVS & VA based Behavioral Profiling
8.4.3 Tag and Track – IVS
8.4.4 Intelligent Video Surveillance: Behavior Profiling – Drivers
8.4.5 Intelligent Video Surveillance: Behavior Profiling – Inhibitors
8.5 Video Analytics-based Intelligent Transportation Systems
8.6 Tele-Retail, Amazon Fire Phone FireFly Video Analytics Firmware
9 Present and Pipeline Video Analytics (VA) Technologies
9.1 Video Analytics
9.1.1 Introduction
9.1.2 Wireless Video Analytics
9.1.3 Cloud-based Video Analytics
9.1.4 Cloud Platforms
9.1.5 Online Video Analytics
9.1.6 Behavioral Analysis
9.1.7 Video Analytic Applications
9.1.8 Video Analytics Architecture
9.1.9 Real Time Automatic Alerts Software
9.1.10 Image Segmentation Software
9.1.11 Item Tracking Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Software
9.1.12 Object Sorting and ID
9.1.13 Item Identification and Recognition
9.1.14 IVS Based Face Recognition
9.1.15 License Plate Recognition (LPR)
9.1.16 Sorting Actions and Behaviors
9.1.17 Crowd Surveillance
9.1.18 Multi-Camera Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Systems
9.1.19 Video Content Analysis Software
9.1.20 Present Limitations of Video Analytics Software
9.1.21 Automated Analysis Of Video Surveillance Data
9.1.22 Item Detection
9.1.23 Background Subtraction: Gaussian Mixture Based Software
9.1.24 Background Subtraction
9.1.25 Item Detection Based on a Single-Image Algorithm
9.1.26 Item Tracking Software
9.1.27 Kalman Filtering Techniques, Region Segmentation
9.1.28 Kalman Filters Application To Track Moving Items
9.1.29 Partially Observable Markov Decision Process, IVS Systems
9.1.30 “Splitting” Items Algorithms
9.1.31 Dimension Based Items Classifiers
9.1.32 Shape Based Item Classifiers
9.1.33 Event Detection Methods
9.1.34 Vision-Based Human Action Recognition
9.1.35 3D Derived Egomotion
9.1.36 Path Reconstruction Software
9.1.37 Video Cameras Gap Mitigation Software
9.1.38 Networked Cameras Tag and Track Software
9.2 Visual Intelligence Technologies
9.2.1 The Visual Intelligence Process
9.2.2 Fusion Engine
9.2.3 Event Description
9.2.4 Reasoning
9.2.5 Reporting
9.3 Smart Cameras
9.4 Pulse Video Analytics
9.5 Underwater ISR
9.6 ROSS Covert Multi-modal Ground ISR System
9.7 Mini ISR Aerostats
9.8 Pirsiavash and Ramanan’s, Activity-Recognition IVS Algorithm
9.9 Camera & Video Analytics-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Technology and Market
9.9.1 Camera & VA-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market
9.9.2 Camera & VA -based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Technology
10 IVS Products and Services
10.1 IVS Present and Pipeline Products
10.1.1 Pipeline Software And Hardware Under Development
10.2 IVS Based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems
10.2.1 Overview
10.2.2 Portable ISR Video Surveillance Kits
10.3 Video Information Management (PSIM) Systems
11 Intelligent Video Surveillance Based Threat Detection R&D Programs
11.1 Social Behavioral Threat Analysis Project
11.2 DARPA IVS Based “Future Behavior” Project
11.3 Biometric Detector Project
12 Defense ISR, IVS & VA Market – 2015-2020
12.1 Market Background
12.1.1 Defense IVS Visual Intelligence
12.1.2 Visual Intelligence Performance Tasks
12.1.3 Unmanned Aerial ISR, Target Recognition and Surveillance Systems
12.1.4 Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS), MQ-8 Fire Scout, Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) UAV; and Marine Corps Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial System
12.1.5 Unmanned Aerial ISR, Target Recognition and Surveillance Market – 2015-2020
12.1.6 UAV IVS Market
12.1.7 VideoScout Program
12.1.8 Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (EMARSS) Program
12.2 U.S. DOD ISR Video Surveillance Programs
12.2.1 U.S. DOD Full Motion Video ISR Programs
12.2.2 Angel Fire
12.2.3 Constant Hawk
12.2.4 Airborne Reconnaissance Multi-sensor System (ARMS) Horned Owl
12.2.5 Redridge II
12.2.6 Scathe View
12.2.7 Near Real-Time Full Motion Video ISR Analytics Market
12.2.8 The Lockheed Martin, Harris Broadcast Communications, and NetApp Program
12.2.9 Full Motion Video ISR: Market Analysis
12.3 Defense VA, ISR & Intelligent Video Surveillance: Global Market – 2015-2020
12.3.1 Market Analysis
12.4 Americas Defense: ISR, IVS & VA Market – 2015-2020
12.4.1 Market Size
12.4.2 Market Analysis
12.5 EMEA Defense, ISR , IVS & VA Market – 2015-2020
12.5.1 Market Size
12.5.2 Market Analysis
12.6 Asia-Pacific Defense ISR, IVS & VA Market – 2015-2020
12.6.1 Market Size
12.6.2 Market Analysis
13 VA, ISR & ISR Vendors
13.1 3i-MIND
13.1.1 Company Profile
13.1.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.1.3 Contact Information
13.2 3VR
13.2.1 Company Profile
13.2.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.2.3 Contact Information
13.3 3xLOGIC
13.3.1 Company Profile
13.3.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.3.3 Contact Information
13.4 AAI Corporation
13.4.1 Company Profile
13.4.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.4.3 Contact Information
13.5 AAM Systems
13.5.1 Company Profile
13.5.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.5.3 Contact Information
13.6 ACTi Corporation
13.6.1 Company Profile
13.6.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.6.3 Contact Information
13.7 ADT Security Services
13.7.1 Company Profile
13.7.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.7.3 Contact Information
13.8 Adaptive Imaging Technologies
13.8.1 Company Profile
13.8.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.8.3 Contact Information
13.9 Agent Video Intelligence
13.9.1 Company Profile
13.9.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.9.3 Contact Information
13.1 AGT International
13.10.1 Company Profile
13.10.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.10.3 Contact Information
13.11 Aimetis
13.11.1 Company Profile
13.11.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.11.3 Contact Information
13.12.1 Company Profile
13.12.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.12.3 Contact Information
13.13 American Dynamics
13.13.1 Company Profile
13.13.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.13.3 Contact Information
13.14 Ampex Data Systems Corporation
13.14.1 Company Profile
13.14.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.14.3 Contact Information
13.15 Aralia System
13.15.1 Company Profile
13.15.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.15.3 Contact Information
13.16 AVCON Information Technology Co. Ltd.
13.16.1 Company Profile
13.16.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.16.3 Contact Information
13.17 Avigilon Corporation
13.17.1 Company Profile
13.17.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.17.3 Contact Information
13.18 Axis
13.18.1 Company Profile
13.18.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.18.3 Contact Information
13.19 Axxon
13.19.1 Company Profile
13.19.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.19.3 Contact Information
13.2 BAE Systems Plc
13.20.1 Company Profile
13.20.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.20.3 Contact Information
13.21 Basler
13.21.1 Company Profile
13.21.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.21.3 Contact Information
13.22 BiKal
13.22.1 Company Profile
13.22.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.22.3 Contact Information
13.23 Boeing Defense, Space & Security
13.23.1 Company Profile
13.23.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.23.3 Contact Information
13.24 Bosch Security Systems
13.24.1 Company Profile
13.24.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.24.3 Contact Information
13.25 Briefcam
13.25.1 Company Profile
13.25.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.25.3 Contact Information
13.26 Camero
13.26.1 Company Profile
13.26.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.26.3 Contact Information
13.27 Cernium
13.27.1 Company Profile
13.27.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.27.3 Contact Information
13.28 Churchill Navigation
13.28.1 Company Profile
13.28.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.28.3 Contact Information
13.29 CIEFFE
13.29.1 Company Profile
13.29.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.29.3 Contact Information
13.3 Cisco
13.30.1 Company Profile
13.30.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.30.3 Contact Information
13.31 Citilog
13.31.1 Company Profile
13.31.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.31.3 Contact Information
13.32 ClickIt
13.32.1 Company Profile
13.32.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.32.3 Contact Information
13.33 Cognimatics
13.33.1 Company Profile
13.33.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.33.3 Contact Information
13.34 Digital Results Group
13.34.1 Company Profile
13.34.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.34.3 Contact Information
13.35 Emza Visual Sense
13.35.1 Company Profile
13.35.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.35.3 Contact Information
13.36 Eptascape
13.36.1 Company Profile
13.36.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.36.3 Contact Information
13.37 DVTel
13.37.1 Company Profile
13.37.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.37.3 Contact Information
13.38 Exacq
13.38.1 Company Profile
13.38.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.38.3 Contact Information
13.39 GE Security
13.39.1 Company Profile
13.39.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.39.3 Contact Information
13.4 Genetec
13.40.1 Company Profile
13.40.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.40.3 Contact Information
13.41 Geovision
13.41.1 Company Profile
13.41.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.41.3 Contact Information
13.42 HASAM
13.42.1 Company Profile
13.42.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.42.3 Contact Information
13.43 Honeywell
13.43.1 Company Profile
13.43.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.43.3 Contact Information
13.44 IMINT Image Intelligence AB
13.44.1 Company Profile
13.44.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.44.3 Contact Information
13.45 IndigoVision
13.45.1 Company Profile
13.45.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.45.3 Contact Information
13.46 Intellivid
13.46.1 Company Profile
13.46.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.46.3 Contact Information
13.47 Intergraph Corporation
13.47.1 Company Profile
13.47.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.47.3 Contact Information
13.48 IntuVision Inc
13.48.1 Company Profile
13.48.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.48.3 Contact Information
13.49 Ioimage
13.49.1 Company Profile
13.49.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.49.3 Contact Information
13.5 IPConfigure
13.50.1 Company Profile
13.50.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.50.3 Contact Information
13.51 IPS Intelligent Video Analytics
13.51.1 Company Profile
13.51.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.51.3 Contact Information
13.52 Ipsotek
13.52.1 Company Profile
13.52.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.52.3 Contact Information
13.53 IQinVision
13.53.1 Company Profile
13.53.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.53.3 Contact Information
13.54 ISS
13.54.1 Company Profile
13.54.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.54.3 Contact Information
13.55 ITT EchoStorm
13.55.1 Company Profile
13.55.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.55.3 Contact Information
13.56 L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.
13.56.1 Company Profile
13.56.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.56.3 Contact Information
13.57 Lockheed Martin Corporation
13.57.1 Company Profile
13.57.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.57.3 Contact Information
13.58 LuxRiot
13.58.1 Company Profile
13.58.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.58.3 Contact Information
13.59.1 Company Profile
13.59.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.59.3 Contact Information
13.6 March Networks
13.60.1 Company Profile
13.60.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.60.3 Contact Information
13.61 Mate Intelligent Video Ltd.
13.61.1 Company Profile
13.61.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.61.3 Contact Information
13.62 Matrix Vision
13.62.1 Company Profile
13.62.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.62.3 Contact Information
13.63 MDS
13.63.1 Company Profile
13.63.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.63.3 Contact Information
13.64 Milestone Systems A/S
13.64.1 Company Profile
13.64.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.64.3 Contact Information
13.65 Mirasys
13.65.1 Company Profile
13.65.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.65.3 Contact Information
13.66 Mobotix
13.66.1 Company Profile
13.66.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.66.3 Contact Information
13.67 MTS
13.67.1 Company Profile
13.67.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.67.3 Contact Information
13.68 National Instruments
13.68.1 Company Profile
13.68.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.68.3 Contact Information
13.69 NetPosa Technologies, Ltd.
13.69.1 Company Profile
13.69.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.69.3 Contact Information
13.7 NICE Systems
13.70.1 Company Profile
13.70.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.70.3 Contact Information
13.71 Northrop Grumman Corporation
13.71.1 Company Profile
13.71.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.71.3 Contact Information
13.72 Nuuo
13.72.1 Company Profile
13.72.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.72.3 Contact Information
13.73 ObjectVideo
13.73.1 Company Profile
13.73.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.73.3 Contact Information
13.74 On-Net Surveillance Systems
13.74.1 Company Profile
13.74.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.74.3 Contact Information
13.75 PCI-Suntek Technology Co., Ltd.
13.75.1 Company Profile
13.75.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.75.3 Contact Information
13.76 Pelco
13.76.1 Company Profile
13.76.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.76.3 Contact Information
13.77 Pivot3
13.77.1 Company Profile
13.77.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.77.3 Contact Information
13.78 Pixim
13.78.1 Company Profile
13.78.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.78.3 Contact Information
13.79 Proximex
13.79.1 Company Profile
13.79.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.79.3 Contact Information
13.8 PV Labs
13.80.1 Company Profile
13.80.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.80.3 Contact Information
13.81 Raytheon Company
13.81.1 Company Profile
13.81.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.81.3 Contact Information
13.82 Salient Stills
13.82.1 Company Profile
13.82.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.82.3 Contact Information
13.83 Samsung Techwin
13.83.1 Company Profile
13.83.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.83.3 Contact Information
13.84 Sarnoff Corporation
13.84.1 Company Profile
13.84.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.84.3 Contact Information
13.85 SeeTec
13.85.1 Company Profile
13.85.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.85.3 Contact Information
13.86 Sentient
13.86.1 Company Profile
13.86.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.86.3 Contact Information
13.87 Siemens
13.87.1 Company Profile
13.87.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.87.3 Contact Information
13.88 SightLogix
13.88.1 Company Profile
13.88.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.88.3 Contact Information
13.89 Smartvue
13.89.1 Company Profile
13.89.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.89.3 Contact Information
13.9 Sony
13.90.1 Company Profile
13.90.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.90.3 Contact Information
13.91 Synectics
13.91.1 Company Profile
13.91.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.91.3 Contact Information
13.92 Synesis
13.92.1 Company Profile
13.92.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.92.3 Contact Information
13.93 Texas Instruments
13.93.1 Company Profile
13.93.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.93.3 Contact Information
13.94 Thales Group
13.94.1 Company Profile
13.94.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.94.3 Contact Information
13.95 V.A.S. GmbH
13.95.1 Company Profile
13.95.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.95.3 Contact Information
13.96 VDG Security BV
13.96.1 Company Profile
13.96.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.96.3 Contact Information
13.97 Verint
13.97.1 Company Profile
13.97.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.97.3 Contact Information
13.98 Viasys Intelligent Video Analytics
13.98.1 Company Profile
13.98.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.98.3 Contact Information
13.99 Vicon
13.99.1 Company Profile
13.99.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.99.3 Contact Information
13.1 Videalert Ltd
13.100.1 Company Profile
13.100.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.100.3 Contact Information
13.101 VideoBank
13.101.1 Company Profile
13.101.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.101.3 Contact Information
13.102 VideoIQ
13.102.1 Company Profile
13.102.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.102.3 Contact Information
13.103 VideoMining
13.103.1 Company Profile
13.103.2 Video Surveillance Products
13.103.3 Contact Information
13.104 VideoNext
Table 1 Video Analytics Market: Business Opportunities
Table 2 UAV Technology Outlook – 2009-2034
Table 3 The U.S. DOD ISR, Target Recognition and Surveillance UAV Inventory by Model
Table 4 Acquisition Cost [$Millions of 2011 Dollars] of Medium-Sized and Large Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DOD 2012 Plan)
Table 5 Global Defense, Intelligent Video Surveillance, ISR & Video Analytics Market by Region [$M] – 2011-2020
Table 6 Global Defense, ISR & Intelligent Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market Shares by Region [%] – 2011-2020
Table 7 Global Defense, ISR & Intelligent Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market AGR [%] by Region – 2012-2020
Table 8 Americas Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market [$M] – 2011-2020
Table 9 Americas Defense, ISR , IVS & VA Market AGR [%] – 2012-2020
Table 10 EMEA Defense, ISR , IVS & VA Market [$M] – 2011-2020
Table 11 EMEA Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market AGR [%] – 2012-2020
Table 12 Asia-Pacific Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market [$M] – 2011-2020
Table 13 Asia-Pacific Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market AGR [%] – 2012-2020
Table 14 Retica Standoff Biometric; System Performance
Table 15 Short Range Standoff Biometric Portal: IOM PassPort™ Performance
Table 16  The National Intelligence Council Mapping the 2020 Global Future
Figure 1 Video Surveillance Technologies Timeline
Figure 2 Video Analytics System: Block Diagram
Figure 3 Standoff Biometric People Screening Using Video Analytics
Figure 4 Video Analytics Architecture
Figure 5 Post Warranty IVS Based Systems Revenue Generation Sources
Figure 6 Multilateral European – North American Cooperation
Figure 7 Intelligent Video Surveillance, ISR & Video Analytics Market – Competitive Analysis
Figure 8 Security Related Intelligent Video Surveillance: Performance Criteria Chart
Figure 9 Checkpoint, Fused People & LPR CCTV Surveillance Setup
Figure 10 Profiling and Behavior Tracking – Principles of Operation
Figure 11 Highway Monitored by an Intelligent Transportation System
Figure 12 Police Application of Wireless Video Analytics
Figure 13 Cloud Based Video Analytics Architecture
Figure 14 Architecture of Video Understanding Systems
Figure 15 Video Analytics Architecture
Figure 16 Unattended Item Detection Algorithm Flow Chart
Figure 17 Visual Intelligence Process
Figure 18 ROSS Covert Multi modal Ground ISR System
Figure 19 SkyStar 100 Mini Aerostat
Figure 20 Capture of Hierarchical Temporal Structure
Figure 21 Mobileye Detects: Lane Departure, Forward Collision Monitoring, Headway Monitoring, Speed Indication, Intelligent High Beam and Pedestrian Collision Monitoring
Figure 22 “Lane Keeping” Mode
Figure 23 A Portable ISR Video Surveillance Kit
Figure 24 Visual Intelligence Architecture
Figure 25 Harris Full Video Analytics System, Block Diagram
Figure 26 Global Defense, Intelligent Video Surveillance, ISR & Video Analytics Market by Region [$M] – 2011-2020
Figure 27 Global Defense, ISR & Intelligent Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market Shares by Region [%] – 2011, 2020
Figure 28 Global Defense ISR, Intelligent Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market AGR [%] by Region – 2012-2020
Figure 29 Americas Defense, ISR , IVS & VA Market [$M] – 2011-2020
Figure 30 Americas Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market AGR [%] – 2012-2020
Figure 31 EMEA Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market [$M] – 2011-2020
Figure 32 EMEA Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market AGR [%] – 2012-2020
Figure 33 Asia-Pacific Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market [$M] – 2011-2020
Figure 34 Asia-Pacific Defense, ISR, IVS & VA Market AGR [%] – 2012-2020
Figure 35 A Simple MDP with Three States and Two Actions
Figure 36 Example of FTIR Application at Border Checkpoint Facilities
Figure 37 CCTV Based Biometric People Screening Corridor
Figure 38 Field of View of a Fused Video Surveillance and Biometrics
Figure 39 A Corridor CCTV & Biometric Portal Layout
Figure 40 A New Product Technology Assessment Process
Figure 41 World Muslim Population
Figure 42  World Muslim Population Map


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Global Aircraft Power Unit Market Research Report 2019-2023

An aircraft ground power unit allows operators to provide DC and/or AC power to the aircraft while on the ground. In the context of China-US trade war and global economic volatility and uncertainty, i ...read more


Global Shoulder-fired Weapons Market Research Report 2019-2023

Shoulder fired weapons could be classified as 'anti-tank' or 'anti-aircraft' that uses a launcher to fire the warhead at the target. In the context of China-US trade war and global eco ...read more


Global Advanced Persistent Threat Protection Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use

Summary The report forecast global Advanced Persistent Threat Protection market to grow to reach xxx Million USD in 2019 with a CAGR of xx% during the period 2020-2024. The report offers detailed cove ...read more

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