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Gasoline spark ignition engines-trends and emerging technologies

Key areas covered in report OEM strategy: The major IC engine strategies of Daimler/Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Ford, FCA, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai/Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW are covered in detail – where they are now, what technologies they’re working on, when they will be introduced Regulation: Criteria emissions, fuel economy, fuel availability and affordability, fuel chemistry Te ... read more


Turbochargers and superchargers-major trends and the future of forced induction

Market drivers in a world of increasingly tougher emissions regulations, both regulation-based such as increasing fuel economy and reducing CO2; increasingly stringent criterion emissions regulation and other regulations, as well as OEM competitiveness parameters like drivability, NVH performance, costs, packaging, systems integratin and speed to market Forced induction powertrain strategies – ... read more


Internet of Cars-from Disruption to Dominance

While autonomous cars and V2X are making headlines, in-car connectivity is making waves in the market. Connectivity features are playing a growing role in consumer buying decisions, to the point that some are ready to postpone purchases to make sure they have the latest features. OEMs have to adjust to an emerging shift in buyer priorities that is driving deep-rooted change in vehicle purchasing. ... read more


Materials and lightweighting-strategies, applications, opportunities

Materials & lightweighting: strategies, applications, opportunities” explores technical and production features of a wide variety of new materials that carmakers are turning to in the effort to meet lightweighting goals. The report is a deep-dive that covers topics including technical, strategic and cost challenges in the application of materials such as high-tech steels, aluminum alloys, magnes ... read more


Cybersecurity in the connected car: technology, industry, and future

Advanced connectivity, electronics and software are hallmarks of modern vehicles. A typical connected car contains up to 70 ECUs, and about 100 million lines of code. As vehicles expand in terms of technological complexity, they become an attractive target for cyber-criminals. Security demonstrations such as the famous Miller and Valasek Jeep Cherokee example have provided enough evidence that co ... read more


48V Issues and Prospects-Unlocking the Opportunities

48V – a key automotive technology of the 2020s 48V is clearly going to be a very important technology in the coming decade. Some senior OEM executives say it should be one of those fundamental technologies that should be adopted by all ICE vehicles in the future. Key benefits for 48V are that it is is a system that augments combustion engines to reduce fuel consumption, reduces particulate emis ... read more

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