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Industry 4.0 Market & Technologies - 2017-2023

Industry 4.0 is here to stay; there is no doubt about that. The “Global Industry 4.0 Market – 2017-2023” report forecasts that the global Industry 4.0 market* will reach $214B by 2023, 30% larger than the projected 2023 Cybersecurity market size. Why Buy This Report? No Risk. We Provide a Money-Back Guarantee* – with our money-back guarantee, you can find out for yourself how valuable th ... read more


Quantum Computing Market & Technologies - 2017-2024

According to the “Global Quantum Computing Market – 2017-2024” report, the global quantum computing market* will grow at a CAGR of 24.6% throughout 2017-2024. We forecast that 2017-2019 will experience a surge of breakthroughs. We are in the midst of a “Quantum Computing Supremacy Race”, one that will result in groundbreaking computing power that surpasses the performance of digital sup ... read more


Quantum Computing Industry, Technologies & Business Opportunities – 2017-2024

The “Global Quantum Computing Industry, Technologies & Business Opportunities – 2017-2024” report includes detailed quantum technologies business opportunities data in 55 market sectors: Search Engines Business Intelligence Software/Hardware Validation and Verification Image and Pattern Recognition National Security Intelligence Defense Public Safety Homeland Security Government & Public Se ... read more


Quantum Computing Market & Technologies. North America – 2017-2024

The U.S. government is the largest procurer of IT technologies and services on the planet. Americans also are the ones that typically apply technologies before others do for programmatic needs, whether it be the Pentagon programs or Department of Energy or the intelligence community. Canadian D-Wave has sold systems to Google, NASA, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and defense contractor Lockhe ... read more


Quantum Computing Market & Technologies. Europe – 2017-2024

After almost 20 years of investment of around 550M€ in EU funding, Europe has a well-acknowledged world-class scientific and technical expertise in quantum technologies. The European research community has already put much effort into structuring its work in this area around a common research roadmap. The Excellence in Science pillar of Horizon 2020 is well positioned to support the most upstrea ... read more


Quantum Computing Market & Technologies. Asia-Pacific – 2017-2024

The Asia-Pacific region, and particularly China, is hurtling headlong towards the quantum era, placing its bets on the disruptive, even revolutionary potential of quantum technology. The recent breakthroughs in China have been preceded and enabled by long-term efforts and investments in quantum information science, all enthusiastically backed at the highest levels of Chinese leadership. As a resul ... read more

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