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Technology Trend: High Performance Flouropolymers

Fluorocarbon compounds containing polymer with additional characteristics such as high mechanical strength, low coefficient of friction, excellent electrical insulation, resistance against chemical environment and elevated temperature is commonly referred high performance fluoropolymers. According to numerous the study conducted by Ingenious e-Brain; the market growth of high performance fluorop ... read more


Biosimilars: Patent Cliffs and Regulatory Changes Driving the Growth, Competitive Scenario and Market Dynamics

Biosimilars are in the limelight with various leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry eyeing these biosimilars, be it biologic innovators, generic manufacturers or contract channel partners. As per who Guidelines, A biosimilar is a biotherapeutic product which is similar in terms of quality, safety and efficacy to an already licensed reference biotherapeutic product. The emergence of biosimila ... read more


Anti-VEGF Antibodies: Global Technology Assessment, Market Analysis and Future Growth Trends

Due to rapid advancements in genetic sequencing and the translation of basic medical sciences research into clinical practice, humanized mAbs have turnout to be fastest growing group of biotechnology-derived molecules in clinical trials. Driven by the growing application area pertaining to target disease viz. cancers, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, the monoclonal antibody market was va ... read more


Technology and Innovation Report: Global Salt Reduction Technology

It is estimated that the global salt reduction technology market will grow at a CAGR of XX % to reach USD XX globally by 2022. United States have dominated the salt reduction technology market, whereas opportunities and challenges of other geographic regions have discussed in the report elaborately. Fig: Global salt reduction technology market, revenue(USD), (2017-2022) The salt reduction te ... read more


Recent Advances and Approach Towards Nucleic Acid Delivery System

RNAi therapeutics is now started taking momentum after successful clinical trials for different siRNA-based therapies, primarily for neural disorders and cancers. Their specificities in terms of post-transcriptional gene silencing have already been well established and many small and big players are engaged in designing and patenting novel RNAi sequences. Designing specific sequences for specific ... read more


Blockchain Technology: Competitive Landscape, Industry Assessments & Market Trends Analysis

Blockchain, is an online record-keeping innovation that will change how we conduct business. It is mutual, trusted, public record of exchanges, that everybody can investigate however no single client controls it. It is also crypto-graphed, secure, and tamper resistant that cannot be re-circulated. Blockchain technology can be used to track millions of connected devices, enabling the processing of ... read more

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