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Information Technology (IT) Security: IoT, Cyber and Cloud Securities

Summary The growth of the digital world has opened business opportunities for numerous companies and individuals. However, with all this, the digital economy has also opened itself to unscrupulous hackers and cyber-attackers. The last 10 years have witnessed the strong emergence of computer hackers attacking businesses of varying sizes in nearly every industry. Ransomware has become a recurring t ... read more


Analytics Markets: A Global Outlook

Summary Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing areas of computer science, with a wide range of applications. Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer to think and learn like a human. The applications of artificial intelligence have already pervaded many industries, bringing potential benefits that have been predicted to double the annual economic growth rate in s ... read more


Sensors: Technologies and Global Markets

Summary From 1990 onward, there were numerous reports of “attack-of-angle” sensors (i.e., sensors that resemble weather vanes) being damaged by bird strikes, ground equipment and jet way collisions. In 2008, an A320 demonstration flight crashed on the French coast, killing all seven on board. Moisture inside two of the plane’s three angle-of-attack vanes froze. This relatively high incidenc ... read more


Medical Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis

Summary Marijuana from the Cannabis plant is classified as a psychoactive drug used for medical or recreational purposes. Although it has been used for decades, in the U.S., it is still illegal under federal law to use and possess marijuana. Nevertheless, at the state level, policies regarding the medical and recreational use of Cannabis vary greatly, and in many states conflict significantly wi ... read more


Soy-Based Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives: Trends and Global Markets

Summary An adhesive—also commonly known as glue, cement, mucilage or paste—is a non-metallic material that can join two or more substrates using the adhesion mechanism (mechanism between adhesive and substrate) and cohesive mechanism (mechanism between two adhesives). The types of adhesives vary, depending on the type of material to be joined and the condition under which the material is join ... read more


Ionic Liquids: Environmentally Sustainable Solvent, Energy Storage and Separation Processes

Summary Ionic liquids are a small specialty chemical market that have recently started to receive attention from investors and end users. The industry is expanding slowly but steadily as suppliers struggle to keep pace with the global demand for alternative environmentally-friendly technologies across different applications including energy storage, industrial solvents and biomass processing. Hi ... read more

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