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Global Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Market

Summary BCC Research forecasts that during 2018-2023, the following shifts will be observed: After registering a value of $REDACTED per square inch in 2017, the average selling price (ASP) will change from $REDACTED per square inch in 2018 to $REDACTED per square inch in 2023: an increase of REDACTED%. The above metric does not include solar/photovoltaic cells. Semiconductor wafers covered in ... read more


Rheology: Technologies, Opportunities and Global Markets

Summary Rheology is the science of flow and the deformation of matter due to flow. It describes the interrelation between force, deformation and time. Based on product type, the rheology technology market can be segmented into viscometers, rheometers and rheology modifiers. These products have widespread applications in end-use industries such as food and beverages, paints and coatings, personal ... read more


Diffractive Optics and Spatial Light Modulators

Summary Light is thought to have a dual nature of both a wave and a particle, and this duality is crucial to understanding some aspects of light. Optical phenomena such as light propagation through optical elements—also known as light reflection or transmission—can be described by geometrical optics and illustrated by various ray tracing techniques. This description is phenomenological only a ... read more


Surgical Devices Market: A BCC Research Overview

Summary The global market for surgical devices was valued at REDACTED in 2018. The market is expected togrow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of REDACTED to reach approximately REDACTED by 2024. The market is expected to grow during the forecast period owing to rising prevalence of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The market is anticipated to show a sign ... read more


Whey Protein: Current and Emerging Uses

Summary The whey protein market has been witnessing significant growth owing to the increased awareness regarding the benefits of whey in functional food. Whey has numerous advantages in the forms of increasing body strength, reducing cell stress, inducing weight loss and helping the body cope with allergens. These qualities have resulted in whey being a preferred choice product for people intere ... read more


Organic Foods and Beverages: Global Markets

Summary The global organic food and beverage market has grown rapidly in the last few years and this growth is expected to continue. The market is being driven by increasing consumer awareness, increasing amounts of organic farmland, the accessibility of organic products, acceptance of new organic standards and rising per capita income in developing countries such as China, India and Brazil. The ... read more

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