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Computer Vision and Machine Vision in Everyday Life Market

Summary: Computer vision is a branch of computer science that enables computers to see, identify and process images in the same manner as human vision and then provides appropriate output. It is comparable to imparting human intelligence and instincts to a computer. In reality, however, it is difficult to enable computers to recognize different objects. Computer vision is closely linked with arti ... read more


The Market for Minimally Invasive Medical Devices

Summary: Because the use of these products is increasing so rapidly, there is a pressing need to develop an up-todate base of market information to better understand the dynamics of the market for minimally invasive surgical devices and instruments. More than four years have passed since BCC Research published the previous edition of this study, “The Market for Minimally Invasive Medical Device ... read more


Global Markets for Offshore Wind Turbines

Summary: Due to rapid worldwide urbanization and industrialization, the demand for electricity, particularly in emerging economies, has swelled. Simultaneously, the push to reduce carbon emissions is also growing. As a result of both these factors, the need for renewable energy sources has heightened. Offshore wind is viewed as a much more environmentally friendly energy source than traditional a ... read more


Synthetic Paper: Technologies and Global Markets

Summary Synthetic paper uses petroleum-based derivatives as raw material. These derivatives, primarily resins, impart a plastic-like feel to the paper. Synthetic paper addresses many of the shortcomings of conventional paper: primarily in terms of water, tear, oil, chemical and grease resistance. With some modifications of materials and processes, synthetic paper offers superior printability vers ... read more


Global Self-healing Material Market

Summary: Self-healing materials are synthetically and artificially created substances that have the ability to automatically repair damages without human intervention and external diagnosis of the problem. The most common self-healing material types are elastomers and polymers, but self-healing materials cover all types of material classes, including cementitious material, metals and ceramics. He ... read more


Advanced Image-guided Surgery Systems Market

Summary: Image-guided surgery (IGS), which is also known as surgical navigation, is a method for performing a surgery with the aid of one or more imaging systems. Intraoperative imaging systems (e.g., ultrasound) are used to locate surgical tools in the patient’s body and superimpose their image to body images taken preoperatively by different techniques, the most common being computer tomograp ... read more

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