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Market Research on PET Sheet in China 2017-2022

In China, large-sized state-owned manufacturers of PET sheets represent a small number, which produce PET sheets as their sideline. Professional manufacturers of the sheet are most of medium- and small-sized privately-operated companies which invest relatively less in scientific researches and have weak development ability, leading to their little products of high-tech content and high added value ... read more


Market Research on Aseptic Package in China 2017-2022

From the perspective of aseptic package’s sales volume, the Western Europe (including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Portuguesa, Spain, Swiss and UK) is the largest market, for that UHT mike is popular in countries like Spain and France. And China is the largest market as a single country. In 2013, sales of aseptic packages grew rapidly in China ... read more


Market Research on Pre-coated Adhesive Film in China 2017-2022

Pre-coated adhesive film industry started late in China and manufacturers are generally of small scale. Kangdexin Composite Material Group, listed on the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is the world largest pre-coated adhesive film manufacturer. In 2016, Kangdexin Composite Material Group’s output of pre-coated adhesive films ranked the highest in China. The company ... read more


Market Research on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle in China 2017-2022

In the global fuel cell vehicle industry, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the US are in the lead. In 2016, breakthrough has been achieved in the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, register of which accounted for over 23 million, rising by more than 200% compared to the amount in 2015 and taking a small percentage in the sales of new energy vehicles. And most hydrogen fuel cell vehicl ... read more


Market Research on NMR Spectrometer in China 2017-2022

For the present, there exist over 30 enterprises working in global NMR spectrometer market, led by three enterprises, which are Bruker Corporation in Germany, Varian Medical Systems, Inc. in the US and JEOL Ltd. in Japan. NMR spectrometers, an important instrument widely used in life science, material science, public safety, etc., play a significant role in various fields, including scientific re ... read more


Market Research on Optical Module PCB in China 2017-2022

Optical module is a key component of optical communication devices, development of which contributes to continuous growth of optical module market. In 2016, sales revenue of global optical module market was about USD five billion, rising by nearly 11% compared to the revenue of 2015. Optical module enterprises, whose comprehensive strength has been increased significantly, have more and more influ ... read more

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