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AI in Agriculture Market By Technology (Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Predictive Analytics), Application, (Precision Farming, Livestock Monitoring, Drone Analytics, Agriculture Robots, and Other) and Offering (Hardware, Software, AI-As-A-Service, Service)

Market Synopsis
AI is adding new dimensions to the agricultural field with several applications of agricultural robots, drones, crop & soil monitoring and predictive analysis. On the basis of the data related to water stress, nutrient content, images of crops, climate and soil moisture content, AI aids in the prediction of the disease and ... read more


Tachycardia Treatment Market by Type (Supraventricular, Ventricular, Sinus), Treatment Type (Emergency, Long Term)-Forecast till 2025

Market synopsis:
Tachycardia is a condition when the heart beats at unusual faster rate. Some of the major factors that lead to tachycardia are heart related disorders, overactive thyroid, anxiety, excess consumption of alcohol or caffeine and others. People suffering from diabetes or obesity are more prone to cardiac problems. According to the World Health Organization ... read more


Smart Airport Market Research Report- by Technology (Security Systems, Communication Systems, Passenger, Cargo & Baggage Ground Handling Control, Air/Ground Traffic Control), Location (Terminal Side, Land Side, Airside), Service Type (Smart Airport Processes, Smart Transport and Parking Services, Smart Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment Services, Smart Workplace Services, Others), Application (Aeronautics, Non-Aeronautics)

Market scenario:
Smart airports are concerned with reducing the time and increasing the convenience of passengers. In a flight journey, a passenger has to go through various steps like check-in, security, dwell time, boarding, arrivals, and claiming the luggage. Smart airport uses advanced technology to reduce the time and increase the e ... read more


Polyurea Coating Market Segmentation by Product Type, Application, Raw Material, Technology, Regional Analysis, Key Players and Forecast till 2025

Market Scenario:
Polyurea is a type of natural or synthetic polymer having the elastic property that is derived from the reaction of an isocyanate component and a synthetic resin or cohesive substance blend component via step-growth polymerization mechanism.

The isocyanate is generally of two types, namely aromatic and aliphatic. Aromatic isocyanate-based coati ... read more


Online Casino Market by Game Type (Card Games, Poker, Slots, Table Games and Others) and Device (Desktops and Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets)

Market Synopsis:

Online casinos or Internet casinos are virtual casinos or the online versions of traditional casinos. Online casinos, by means of the internet, enable gamblers to play and wager on casino games. This is a prolific form of online gambling.
Online casinos usually offer odds and payback per ... read more


Obesity Treatment Market, by Drugs (Appetite Suppressants, Combination Drugs, Malabsorption, Satiety Drugs) and Surgery & Devices (Adjustable Gastric Banding, Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch, Endoscopic Procedures, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Others)

Market Synopsis:

Obesity is the accumulation of excess body fat to such an extent that it has a negative effect on the health. Obesity occurs due to eating more calories than you burn in daily activities and exercise on a long-term basis. When the body mass index (BMI) score is 30 or more, the person is considered obese. BMI is calculated, by taking a person’s w ... read more

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