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General Surgical Devices Market: By Type (Disposable Surgical Supplies, Open Surgery Instrument), Product (Handheld Devices, Laparoscopic Devices), Application (Orthopedic, Cardiology, Neurosurgery), By End-User (Hospitals, Clinics)–Forecast Till 2025

Market Synopsis:
During last decade, the healthcare expenditure has increased by several folds. According to the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services, national health spending in the U.S.A is projected to grow at an average rate of 5.5 percent per year for 2017-26 and to reach $5.7 trillion by 2026. The health share of GDP in the U.S.A was 17.9% in 2016. General sur ... read more

Automotive Speed Monitoring System Market Research Report By Application (Fleet Monitoring, Vehicle Scheduling, Route Monitoring, Driver Monitoring, Accident Analysis), Technology, End Users (Government Bodies, Other Professional Industry)

The automotive speed monitoring device is an instrument which enables a driver to enter a speed tolerance profile that represents the driver's personal travel speed preferences and alerts the driver when the vehicle speed falls outside the speed tolerance profile.

Specifically, the speed tolerance profile consists of a number of speed tolerance ranges, each associated with a parti ... read more

Enterprise Metadata Management Market Research Report- By Deployment Model, By Metadata Type, Application (Governance And Compliance Management, Risk Management, Product And Process Management, Incident Management), By Industry Vertical

Enterprise metadata management is defined as the management concerned with metadata. Metadata is information about the data that describes the various facets of information assets, which improves its usability and enables easier management throughout its lifecycle. For example, in a given document, the metadata is the additional information that describes it such as the original author, the cre ... read more

Silicone Oil Market By Product (Methyl Silicone Oil, Dimethyl Hydroxy Silicone Oil Emulsion, Water Soluble Silicone Oil), By Application (Water Repellents, Heat Carrier, Lubricants, Working Media) By End-User (Agriculture, Personal Care & Home Care

Silicone oil is a liquid polymerized siloxane with organic side chains. It is also known as polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS. Silicon is the most important member of polydimethylsiloxane; these polymers are of commercial interest owing to their relatively high thermal stability and lubricating properties. It is created of a linear chain of siloxane repeating units and a variety of side chains. It w ... read more

Organ Preservation Market: By Preservation Solutions (Collins Solution, Perfadex, Custodiol HTK), Organ Type (Heart, Kidney, Liver), Preservation Technique (Static And Dynamic), End-User (Hospitals & Clinics) – Global Forecast Till 2025

During the past decade, there has been an immense advancement in organ transplant technology. Organ preservation is required when an organ is removed from the body and is stored for transplant. Different methods are adopted for storing different organs. Different physical conditions need to be maintained while storing organs. The rising incidents of organ failures are boosting the organ preserv ... read more

Parking Guidance System Market By Application (Passenger Vehicles And Commercials), By Product Type (Services, Softwares, Sensors And Others) And By Region (North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific, And Latin America And Middle East Africa)

The primary objective of parking guidance system is to reduce search time, which, in addition, reduces congestion on roads for other traffic; hence, ultimately enhances the traffic management in urban areas. This guidance system combines traffic monitoring, processing, communication, and variable message sign technologies to offer the service. It led to significant decrease in vehicle emissions ... read more

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