Automotive Industry Trends And Market Overview

Automotive Industry Overview The Automotive Industry consists of a wide range of companies associated with designing, production, marketing and selling of motor vehicles. It is among the economic sectors with highest revenue. This industry does not include the maintenance or repairing of automobiles. The automobile is the primary mode of transportation for the developed countries…

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Global Semiconductor Industry Outloook 2017 – The Fastest Growing Markets

Semiconductor Industry Overview A Semiconductor is a material that is neither a good conductor nor a good insulator, but has some properties of both, in terms of electrical conductivity. Some examples of Semiconductor materials are Germanium, Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, Computer chips, Transistors, Diodes, Solar cells, and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The global semiconductor market is…

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The Demand for Chips and Display Continues to Grow in 2017

Shares of semiconductor and display equipment manufacturers all jumped in Wednesday trading amid positive industry chatter, and after ASML Holdings ASML and Lam Research LRCX both reported robust 2017 first quarter earnings. Lam Research, a California-based company, posted earnings of $2.80 per share and revenues of $2.15 billion, topping the Zacks Consensus Estimates of $2.54…

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Pedestrian Detection technology to be Introduced by Ford in Europe

A new poll, commissioned by Ford, has shown that worries over night blindness and the fear of hitting someone top a list of night-time driving fears. For the latter at least, there is now a solution that goes beyond wearing spectacles. The car maker is for the first time introducing new technology that is designed…

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Aftron Electronics Plans to Double Its Market Share After Re-Branding

Dubai: Aftron, the brand name for Al-Futtaim Electronics’ home appliances, is aiming to double its market share this year after the company unveiled its new brand identity and strategy. Sean Connor, managing director of Al-Futtaim Electronics, told Gulf News after the launch that Aftron will always be positioned in the value-priced segment and, at the…

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Samsung Electronics Ranks 16th for Global Market Capitalisation

It has been found that Samsung Electronics ranked 16th in the world in terms of market capitalization by climbing no less than 23 notches from a year ago. Meanwhile, SK Hynix and Hyundai Motor Company, the second- and third-largest in South Korea, ranked 440th and 496th, respectively. Read Full News on

Toshiba Begins the Bidding Process for its Semiconductor Unit

Toshiba will take proposals from companies and investment funds through March 29 covering their desired ownership stake and payment offer, among other terms. Depending on the bids, Toshiba could sell up to 100% of the chip unit, in which case it could reap a profit of more than 1 trillion yen ($8.7 billion) from the…

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